www.myrevalidation.org.uk has been set up by Evenlogic to provide assistance to medical practitioners and organisations in the health sector with some of the procedures involved with revalidation. Revalidation, which is the process by which licensed doctors are required to demonstrate on a regular basis that they are up to date and fit to practise, was launched by the Department of Health in December 2012.

Evenlogic is a software house with skills in software development and electronic forms applications. Our first involvement with revalidation was in early 2009 when the process was still being formulated. Subsequently we were commissioned by the NHS to develop a number of revalidation software tools and applications (see Revalidation & Evenlogic Timeline) and so have a good insight into various aspects of the revalidation process.

The main Evenlogic services that are featured on this website are:

  • The Myrevalidation Forms Service
  • The MAG Form V4.0 Support Service

The Myrevalidation Forms Service can be reached at https://secure.eforms.org.uk/myrevalidationforms2. It allows you to create fillable, saveable, emailable, PDF electronic versions of the following GMC questionnaires designated to a specific doctor being revalidated:

  • Self assessment questionnaire
  • Patient questionnaire
  • Colleague questionnaire

You can also create a “Colleague nominations form” to help specify and manage the list of colleagues nominated by a doctor to provide feedback on the doctor’s professional performance.

The MAG Form V4.0 Support Service is a service offered by Evenlogic to help organisations apply the MAG Form V4.0 to their particular needs (see Info on MAG Form V4.0 for more information).

Please contact John Jarvis at Evenlogic for more information on the above services.
Tel: 020 8876 8878, Email: info@evenlogic.co.uk