Revalidation & Evenlogic Timeline


Evenlogic has been involved with NHS revalidation for a number of years. Activities include:

2009, Preliminary developments: Worked with the NHS Revalidation Support Team (RST) on the development and trials of a mechanism to enable doctors to enter and submit their revalidation information online using PDF forms technologies.

2011, 2012, 2013, Development of ORSA tools: Commissioned by NHS RST to develop and operate revalidation Organisational Readiness Self Assessment (ORSA) tools based on Evenlogic’s PDF electronic forms technologies. These were used regularly to enable NHS designated bodies and their independent health sector counterparts to collect management information on their state of readiness for revalidation and to transfer the data electronically to the RST for collation, analysis and publishing (see ORSA Report 2011-2012).

2014 and 2015, Development of AOA tools: In early 2014, responsibility for revalidation passed from the NHS RST to NHS England and they commissioned Evenlogic to develop, operate and support a further tool called the Annual Organisational Audit (AOA) tool. This was used to collect management information from each designated body to ascertain the systems and processes they had in place to operate their revalidation procedures. In 2015, NHS England again commissioned Evenlogic to develop a further variant of the tool. Like the ORSA tools, the AOA tools use Evenlogic’s PDF electronic forms technologies and incorporate mechanisms for submitting the data collected electronically to an NHS database.

2014 – 2016, Launch and operation of the myrevalidation forms service: The myrevalidation forms service is a service, developed and operated by Evenlogic, that provides PDF electronic versions of the GMC self assessment questionnaire, patient questionnaire and colleague questionnaire forms. A “colleague nominations” form is also provided that helps doctors create and manage the list of colleagues that they nominate to provide feedback on their professional performance. All the forms are fillable and completed copies are saveable and emailable.

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