What is the myrevalidation forms service?


Click this link to use the service: https://secure.eforms.org.uk/myrevalidationforms2

It is an electronic forms service to help doctors and their colleagues with tasks that need to be performed when a doctor is being revalidated. With the agreement of the GMC, we have converted key GMC questionnaires associated with revalidation to fillable, saveable, emailable, PDF electronic forms and made these available to users. The questionnaires concerned are:

  • Self assessment questionnaire
  • Patient questionnaire
  • Colleague questionnaire

A further form called a ‘Colleague nominations form’ is also provided to help doctors create and manage the list of colleagues that they nominate to provide feedback on their professional performance.

When a registered user downloads a form, they designate it to a specific doctor who is to be revalidated. Providing that they have sufficient credits, the user may download forms for any number of doctors that they elect to designate. Each downloaded form is pre-filled with the designated doctor’s name and can be copied and saved as necessary. When the form is subsequently filled-in, it continues to be saveable and emailable.

Note on extracting data from the forms: If there is a requirement to extract data from batches of completed forms into spreadsheets for collation and analysis, Evenlogic can perform this as a separate service.

For step-by-step instructions on using the service for the first time, click: Get Started.
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Please contact John Jarvis at Evenlogic for more information on the service.
Tel: 020 8876 8878, Email: info@evenlogic.co.uk.