Get Started


These step-by-step instructions will help you get started with your first self assessment questionnaire.

  1. Go to, select the My forms tab and follow the instructions to register.
  2. The MY FORMS page will then be displayed. Click “Obtain a form” and then the thumbnail image of Form type 4 (Self assessment questionnaire). Type in the Doctor name data into the field displayed, click Apply and then Confirm. This will create your form.
  3. The MY FORMS page will now be displayed again. Click the “View/Download forms obtained” and from the Current forms tab click View/Download for the form. You will then be able to Open, Edit and/or Save copies of this form as you wish.
  4. By again selecting the My forms tab, you can select Purchase credits, pay for the credits using PayPal and use the credits to obtain other forms.
  5. You may return to the service at any time by going to

If you experience any problems, please consult the Help webpage.