MAG Form V4.0, Information & Support


A new MAG Form (V4.0) was published by the NHS in April 2016.

Details are available at
The details include links to the following PDFs:

  • MAG Form User Guide
  • The MAG Form V4.0 itself (LiveCycle PDF)
  • Guidance document for organisations using the MAG Form
    Note 1: The full name of the form is “Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG) Model Appraisal Form Version 4.0”.
    Sometimes it is referred to as the MAG MAF form, but here we refer to it as the MAG Form V4.0.

    Note 2: Because the MAG Form is a LiveCycle PDF, it is strongly recommended that you read section 3 (re IT compatibility) of the MAG Form User Guide before attempting to download it.

Whereas many organisations will wish to use the form as it stands, we provide a MAG Form Service to assist organisations with applying the form to their particular needs. Evenlogic has extensive experience in the LiveCycle technology used by the form, so we are well-placed to provide such support. It can include help with setting up processes to use the form plus making any changes required (possibly for branding purposes).

It should be noted that, if changes are made to the form, as well as development costs, this will incur an additional licence charge from Adobe because the resulting form will be regarded as a new form (this is explained in section 2.v “Making changes to the form” of the NHS Guidance notes at As an Adobe and Microsoft partner, Evenlogic can provide advice on such licensing issues.

Please contact John Jarvis at Evenlogic for more information on the MAG Form Support Service,
Tel: 020 8876 8878, Email: or use the Contact webpage to send an enquiry.